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Hanging Lake Footake, USFS Exceeds Authority (4K)

Yesterday was supposed to be a quick trip up to Hanging Lake, from my hometown of Grand Junction, for a one-off drone flight at the Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs. I checked the USFS website BEFORE leaving town to make sure that drones could be flown in National Forests.

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Spring Blossoms in Talbott Farms Orchards (4K)

A special thanks to Talbott Farms for allowing me to send the drone up yesterday. I was hoping for more sunshine, but the colors still look pretty nice. It would be hard, even for me, to mess up footage something as beautiful as a peach orchard in early spring!

Drone Footage From Little Park Road (4K)

Aerial drone footage taken on Little Park Road near the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, CO.

Drone Footage of Bangs Canyon: Mica Mine and Rough Canyon (4K)

While both of these locations are beautiful, I had no cell signal, no GPS, and there was vegetation or rock all around. The canyon shots are pretty short as a result. However, the open air shots over the Colorado River, at Riverbend Park in Palisade, CO are quite nice at the end of the video.

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Frozen Lake Aerials (4K)

Filmed at two different elevations on the same day, most of this video shows off a beautiful frozen lake on the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado. The second location in this video was taken at a lower elevation, which is why there is no snow.

Aerial Drone Footage of the Colorado River in Fruita, CO (4K)

Filmed at the Kingsview trailhead in Fruita, Colorado, this 4K footage features some of my best water footage to date. I still cringe a little looking at this, knowing that it would be better with an ND filter, but steps, right? I hope you enjoy.

Aerial Imagery & Relaxing Music (4K)

I am absolutely having the time of my life with this Mavic Air! Plus, I'm slowly getting better at picking the right camera settings and setting up my angles and approaches for capturing the best shots that I can.

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Mavic Air River Footage (4K)

This footage was filmed on one of my last pre-certified flights. All footage moving forward is legal for me to use commercially, so that's what I intend to do with most of it. Enjoy this one for free! Filmed along the Colorado River in the vicinity of the Beaver Tail Tunnel Cutoff on I-70W.

Mavic Air Canyon Footage

Shot in the vicinity of the Palisade Rim trail in Palisade, Colorado, this beautiful drone footage is just a sample of what I intend to do with this new technology. I have already passed the FAA test and I'm just waiting for my final certificate!

Legion M: Space Race (#FanArt)

NOTE: I am NOT an employee of, nor am I a paid spokesperson for Legion M. I am simply a fan, making #FanArt.* Question: Why should the billionaires have all the fun? Answer: They shouldn't. It's our turn!

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