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Mavic Air Canyon Footage

Shot in the vicinity of the Palisade Rim trail in Palisade, Colorado, this beautiful drone footage is just a sample of what I intend to do with this new technology. I have already passed the FAA test and I'm just waiting for my final certificate!

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Legion M: Space Race (#FanArt)

NOTE: I am NOT an employee of, nor am I a paid spokesperson for Legion M. I am simply a fan, making #FanArt.* Question: Why should the billionaires have all the fun? Answer: They shouldn't. It's our turn!


This footage was taken today on the maiden voyage of my very first HOBBYIST drone, registered with the FAA as "FlyingSquid1." I'm so excited! This will take my videos to the next level! BACKSTORY: Yesterday was #LegionM #FanArtFriday and I wanted to have this done and ready to submit at that time, but wind (and real life) intervened.

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It’s official, I’ve been bitten by the bug. I took two weeks off after completing #SculptJanuary2018. Two weeks of pure, self-driven, unrelenting guilt. I felt as though I should be sculpting the entire time. Thing is, the previous topic for #WeeklyCGC was “Wizard/Witch,” and I felt that doing it right was beyond my ability.

This week’s challenge, on the other hand, seemed like the perfect invitation to get back to sculpting. #LostInSpace is exactly right for me right now. I’ve been obsessed for years with a NASA image of the Pillars of Creation:

Just as I did with the faux marble liner in the shower of my parents’ house when I was growing up, I see faces and creatures all throughout this image. The idea that these “images” might be ‘holographic echoes’ of a creature that really exists somewhere in this Universe, or in a parallel Multiverse, gives me a sense of ‘souls’—essences—that are truly “Lost in Space.” Or maybe they’re just stored there, like data. Who really knows? Maybe I’m just a lunatic that sees faces in shit. ;-)

I’ve attempted in the past to depict some of the images that I see in the PoC, but I never quite had the right medium and always wound up abandoning the effort. This time, however, I think I’m making real progress. This is still a work in progress #WIP, but I’m extremely pleased with the overall result thus far.

More on the specific faces and creatures that I see in this NASA photograph later in the week. Stay tuned!

Aloha, and mahalo!

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Yesterday was #Saturday and @LegionMOfficial held a #photochallenge on Instagram and Twitter to take pictures with Legion M logos at iconic spots and landmarks around each person’s home city.

Here in Grand Junction, CO we have an excellent #ArtOnTheCorner program, so I knew right away that I just had to let my hometown shine a little on this one. Below are the full sized images which the collage (Instagram Layout) that I submitted to the challenge was sourced from:

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There's a #BadCop at Internal Affairs in Grand Junction Police Department!

There's a dirty cop working Internal Affairs (Professional Standards Division) at GJPD, and he's covering for MANY other bad cops in the field. SGT. Chipole works with the Grand Junction Police Department's "Professional Standards" division, a.k.a. "Internal Affairs."

FPD Officer Bob Bomar Lies Under Oath About School Security Footage at FMHS

In this tele-hearing with the department of labor, regarding my wrongful termination from Mesa County Valley School District 51 (MCVSD51), captured under Colorado's "Single Party Consent" status, records School Resource Officer Bob Bomar LYING UNDER OATH about the location and coverage of school security cameras.

MCVSD51 is rife with #Waste #Fraud and #Abuse. As much as I despise the Trump Administration, I sure wish someone from the Department of Education would investigate the executive staff and upper to mid level managers of District 51. Or even someone in the Hickenlooper administration here in Colorado, for that matter!

Anyway… Here are some MEMEs I made to underscore my reasons for feeling this way:

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#LowPolyPresident #PresidentTrump #POTUS #Trump #Blender3D #GIFs

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Wow! Sculpt January 2018 is over. I can’t believe I made it and submitted all 31 models! You can check out my entire collection HERE.

What an incredible challenge this was. These 31 sculpts were literally my very first 31 sculpts in Blender. I’ve toyed with other apps, like the now defunct 123d, but this was my first time getting knee-deep in Blender and just going for it! I learned so much in the process that I can't stop thinking about what to make next. =-)

Of course, there was a lot going on in the political world while I was laboring away on my 31 sculptures. And if you know me, you know that I simply cannot refrain from expressing myself in response to those goings on. But, the last thing I wanted to do was to bring politics into Sculpt January. I already pissed people off by refusing to sculpt an homage to H. P. Lovecraft on day 19 (see my collection at the above link for what I submitted instead).

One last observation about Sculpt January 2018 before I move on to address politics. I just want to say that I am blown away by how many people managed to complete 31 submissions! You can see the full list HERE. Very impressive. And most of the artists submitted art on a level way above mine. I saw some amazing sculptures. It would be worth your time to visit that link to see some, or all of it.

Anyways, despite the difficulty of it, I kept the two separate for the entire month of January. Now that the sculpting challenge has ended, however, it’s time to catch up. Rather than set up several individual posts, I’ll simply do MEME dump here in the form of an album. Moving forward from here, I will return to the 1-1 model. ;-)

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Whew! I made it! #Day31 of #SculptJanuary2018 and today's challenge was "Happiness" in the category of "Emotions." Aliens parachuting through Earth's air...what could be a happier experience? lol. Yes, I'm odd. So what? #Blender3D

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#Day30 of #SculptJanuary had participants sculpting a "Vehicle" from the category of "Props." I was, as usual, low onn time so I settled on a very simple form of transportation. Wish it had more detail. Is what it is. #Blender3D (I know, it's the 31st. I fell asleep last night!)

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