Antivaxxers Call The Police On Me After Speaking At Me In Tongues, Threatening Me, Mocking Me, Assaulting Me, And Lying To Me About Spanish Flu And COVID-19 (ALL ON VIDEO)


#antivaxx #Trumpers call the #police on me. Speak in #tongues at me. Make #threats to me. The two officers I met were pros! #part1 #GreenScreenTile

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The GOP Can ‘NAZI’ How Fascist They’ve Become! Republikkkan?

They’ve already flagged it for review, of course. Good thing I saved it down and can share it with you here:

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Congressman Don Bacon, A Veteran, Lies On CNN About “Weapons of War”

So long as the American “gun lobby” has control over our politicians to the point that they will happily lie on national television to protect PROFITS over peoples’ lives, there will never be any place for the GOP in this country.

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Yesterday I created a duet video for TikTok. In my half I just put up a nice picture that I took through a Jihui ball lens near Aspen, Colorado. The other half, the half that I was “featuring,” was this video:

I also created a sticker for the duet, as I am trying to contribute to trending movements by providing quality stickers for major hashtags. But when my duet video was ready to post, I got cold feet. I was worried that having my sticker attached would make the duet seem disingenuous. So I saved it to drafts.

But I left the sticker online at GIPHY. As you can see, it has done very well there. So well, in fact, that I changed my mind about keeping my duet video in the drafts folder.

So, without further adieu, here it is… My #StopAsianHate duet video:

If you like the JIHUI ball, you can get one of your own for pretty cheap on Amazon:

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TikTok: Christopher David

I had to repost a ton of content after TikTok dishonestly deleted my account at 10k followers.

Christopher David’s actions and treatment at the hands of thuggish federal agents are too important to not repost!


Under #Trump federal police broke the hand of this peaceful #Navy #veteran protester. They also abducted citizens, threatened to shoot followers.

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