Twitter Refuses Veteran Amnesty, Dishonestly Suspends 5th Account for Referring to Democratic Process

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk was not just lying about amnesty for the accounts of veterans like me who vote Democrat. He is still allowing his staff to discriminate against me by LYING about my tweets… AGAIN!

How is this abusive?

“Stand by to stand by!” —Mad Squid

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Refuses To Cover Local Veteran, Democrat, Discriminated Against By Twitter

Stand by to stand by. —Mad Squid

Twitter Is Violating Anti-Discrimination Laws

Stand by to stand by! —Mad Squid

Be The FIRST To Collect My New Series “Light And Water” On Neon Mob!

I’m releasing my very first Neon Mob series on February 26th, and I couldn’t be more excited! This is an “amateur” series, so I won’t make any money from people collecting the cards, but it’s an amazing learning experience and great preparation for releasing a full-fledged series for profit later on!

In the meantime, please stop by and collect my cards! The first 500 to use this promo code (click the link) will get an extra free pack on Neon Mob! So, what are you waiting for?

The code won’t be good until the series releases, so visit the official page here until then:

“Light and Water” releases on Neon Mob February 26th! Be sure to collect your free packs then!

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TikTok Allowing Racists and Bigots to RULE OVER Their App

When my first TikTok account hit 10k followers, I started getting death threats from Republicans. Reporting them led to my account being permanently deleted for “hate speech.” If TikTok will do this to a veteran, I shudder to think what they will allow these GOP NAZIs to do to minorities.

What happened to Americans?

Stand by to stand by. —Mad Squid

Why Does Lauren Boebert Hide From Her Constituents?

Lauren’s office in Grand Junction, Colorado, has taken down all of the signage in the halls and on their door that identify their office. They don’t answer the phone or return voicemails. They don’t return emails. They even ignore official Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests sent by certified USPS mail. Colorado law gives 3 business days to respond to a CORA request, though an extension can be sought for up to 7 more days for the sole purpose of clarification or narrowing the original request.

Lauren’s office in Grand Junction has had my first round of requests since January 20th. They are clearly ignoring these legal documents. My next step is to contact the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, as well as the Office of Legislative Legal Services. If this turns out to be a State vs. Federal thing, I’ve got that covered too, as all of my requests were sent in tandem CORA and FOIA requests.

Meanwhile, Lauren and staff hide their offices, cancel town halls, and flat out refuse to represent the constituents of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.


Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid