“Bowling For Concubines” Starring Jayson Boebert?

“Stand by to stand by.” —Mad Squid

American Children ARE An Endangered Species!

Stand by to stand by! —Mad Squid

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Refuses To Cover Local Veteran, Democrat, Discriminated Against By Twitter

Stand by to stand by. —Mad Squid

February 4th Teleconference Town Hall Serves As Free Advertising, Little Else, From Lauren Boebert.

The audio has been edited for length. I begin my voicemail somewhere around 8:00. Despite dishonestly claiming, more than once during this call, that she’s “here to work for the district,” constituents in Grand Junction still cannot get into her office, get a phone call returned, an email answered, or even a certified letter responded to.

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid

February 2nd Follow Up Visit to Lauren Boebert’s Grand Junction Office. SPOILER: they are still hiding!

Still no signs, no numbers, no staff, no answers. Also, their neighbors are still screening visitors for her!

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid