“Finding Ronald” Listed on IMDb!

My four part documentary series “Finding Ronald” is now listed on IMDb!

This feels like a huge milestone to me! I’m exuberant at the moment! If you haven’t seen “Finding Ronald” yet, please consider giving it a watch. Episodes 1-3 are less than 30 minutes long. Episode 4, which is in the final stages of production now, will be a little less than one hour long. Point being, the entire series can be binged on a quiet Saturday afternoon. 😉

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid

“Finding Ronald” Episode 4 In Progress


Still working on Episode 4 of my #documentary about my grandpa’s disappearance for 26 years in 1987. “Finding Ronald” currently has 3 episodes online on that longform #video site.

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Most of the final episode is already edited and ready to go. I still have to make a brass plaque/marker to leave on grandpa’s car for the final scene of the film. Stay tuned! I’m getting very, very close!

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid

Seeking Info: SAX ZZYZX, LTD.

“Stand by to stand by.” –Mad Squid

Returning To A Project (Too) Long On Hiatus

If you’ve followed me from before the pandemic, you may already know that I have been working on a 100% solo and independent documentary film about the disappearance of my grandfather in 1987. His story is both enchanting and difficult to believe. It ends, however, in tragedy.

Here is the very first trailer that I mocked up to announce to my audience on an old Twitter account–long since deleted by that service at the height of Trump’s power–that I was beginning real work on the project, rather than just opining and pontificating about it.

This trailer is crude, and not very complete in the sense that you don’t actually come away from it with a sense of the story behind the film. That’s why I decided, shortly thereafter, to craft a better trailer for the potential film. At the time I was flying many drone missions, both for myself and for gig services like Drone Base and SOAR. As such, my confidence was growing and I was really getting a feel for the project. Not to mention that I was capturing some sweet footage!

But I have begun, and paused, and begun and paused this project so many times now that I lost nearly all of my inertia when the pandemic hit, and really believed that the project might be done forever. Until today. Today I had a reawakening.

#TheGreatUntold caught my attention. Check it out here:


“Stand by to stand by.” –Mad Squid