Lauren Boebert Is DESPERATE To Appear Loved By The Military & Veterans. She isn’t.


#LaurenBoebert sinks even lower than before, enticing members of the #USArmy to violate #DOD directive 1344.10. I have published new #stickers 4 her!

♬ Levitating (feat. DaBaby) – Dua Lipa

Stand by to stand by. –Mad Squid

Congressman Don Bacon, A Veteran, Lies On CNN About “Weapons of War”

So long as the American “gun lobby” has control over our politicians to the point that they will happily lie on national television to protect PROFITS over peoples’ lives, there will never be any place for the GOP in this country.

Stand by to stand by. –Mad Squid

TikTok Allowing Racists and Bigots to RULE OVER Their App

When my first TikTok account hit 10k followers, I started getting death threats from Republicans. Reporting them led to my account being permanently deleted for “hate speech.” If TikTok will do this to a veteran, I shudder to think what they will allow these GOP NAZIs to do to minorities.

What happened to Americans?

Stand by to stand by. —Mad Squid