“Finding Ronald” Listed on IMDb!

My four part documentary series “Finding Ronald” is now listed on IMDb!

This feels like a huge milestone to me! I’m exuberant at the moment! If you haven’t seen “Finding Ronald” yet, please consider giving it a watch. Episodes 1-3 are less than 30 minutes long. Episode 4, which is in the final stages of production now, will be a little less than one hour long. Point being, the entire series can be binged on a quiet Saturday afternoon. 😉

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid

“Finding Ronald” Episode 4 In Progress


Still working on Episode 4 of my #documentary about my grandpa’s disappearance for 26 years in 1987. “Finding Ronald” currently has 3 episodes online on that longform #video site.

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Most of the final episode is already edited and ready to go. I still have to make a brass plaque/marker to leave on grandpa’s car for the final scene of the film. Stay tuned! I’m getting very, very close!

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid

“Walt’s Reel,” Saved From Deep Storage By Disney Staff, Is The Reason I Got To See Grandpa At Work!

All my life I’ve heard stories about my Grandpa Ron’s escapades. Yes, he was a drinker, and that put a wall between himself and his children. But as my Grandpa, that was never a factor. He didn’t show me that side. Not once. So, I grew up remember the brighter bits of his story. He was a WWII veteran. He had “money in all the banks” in Santa Anna, California (see Episode 1 of Finding Ronald for more info on this). He helped build Disneyland.

I cherished these tales of bravery, humor, and skilled talent. Grandpa taught me how to do a dove call with just my two hands. He showed me how he grew strawberries in little mounds, rather than in rows. He built a TV (or was it just a repair?) from a Radio Shack kit. He traveled the world. It’s one thing to imagine such endeavors, to flesh them out in the mind in wonderment. It’s another thing entirely to actually get to see it happening.

Not once growing up had I considered that there might be photographic evidence of my grandfather building Disneyland. A few years ago, when I truly started making headway on the “Finding Ronald” docuseries, the most unlikely example of–call it coincidence; call it fate; call it a miracle–manifested itself into my life (into Mom’s life, actually) in the form of one Gloria Pedersen. Gloria had photographs!

You see, there were two (or three?) crane operators working for A. E. Fowler & Sons on the Dinsneyland project, my Grandpa Ron, Bonie “Bonebreak,” and a man named Ivan Myrick, who was Gloria’s father. My Mom, not too long before my stepfather Harry passed away from FTD, was on vacation in Santa Anna, CA when she just happened (???) to run into Gloria, who overheard my mother telling the story of Grandpa Ron placing the spires on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. One thing led to another, and that’s how these wonderful still photos came into my life:

Now, this was already an unexpected infusion of visual verification for my Grandpa Ron’s involvement in the project. I’ve truly cherished these images. In fact, I even used these images to create a 3D model of Grandpa Ron’s crane rig for use in the titles of “Finding Ronald.” I told myself that this was the crown jewel of photographic evidence, and that I was incredibly lucky to even have these.

And then I found the “Disneyland Secrets, Stories, & Magic” series. When I watched Episode 9, “Building Walt’s Dream,” my jaw dropped to the floor and I almost stepped on my own tongue! Here, before my eyes, was actual footage of my grandpa Ron at work. Here was actual footage of his crane placing the spires on the top of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. I wept. Sorry, but I did.

Episode 1 – “Meet Ronald,” which premieres live on YouTube on March 16th 2023, 7 PM Mountain, will look at both his life and work, as well as his disappearance. The going theory, which local authorities and media outlets immediately latched onto, was suicide. But evidence was left behind to suggest that the story may not be so black and white. I have two other, evidence-based theories, which have Grandpa Ron meeting his end at the hands of someone else. Grandpa himself warned that this might happen.

Episode 2 – “Ronald’s War,” will discuss theory number two. This theory relates to and couples together Grandpa’s WWII veteran status, his mechanical ingenuity, his world travels to known war criminal hotspots as well as to sensitive allied nations, such as Russia, and some oddities which I inherited from him after he disappeared. It also pulls in 1st hand accounts, told by my Mom, of the condition Ronald would sometimes return home in after his travels, as well as the fact that he wasn’t telling his family about all of the countries he was visiting. Only a select few made it into the “family history.” But his own handheld film reel (not sure if it’s 16mm or super 8), as well as a collection of currency from around the world, proves that he was definitely in many, many more countries than he was telling the family about.

Episode 3 – “Ronald’s Magnetic Motor,” is, for me, the most likely of the alternative theories for what happened to my grandfather. The idea here is that “Big Oil” may have killed my grandfather in order to suppress a magnetic motor that he invented, and was working to prototype. This theory has a sound historical basis when considered in the context of other independent inventors who met an unexplained, or untimely end shortly after making a technological breakthrough. People such as Rudolph Diesel, Louis Le Prince, and Stanley Meyer. Even more disturbing are contextual cases which prove that murder for “Big Oil” also has a historical precedent in stories such as that of William King Hale.

Grandpa was so worried that the oil industry might try to hurt him–or his family–that he sent semi-shredded bits of the plans for his invention to ten people around the world, who were supposed to release the invention in the event that anything happened to Grandpa. Two additional people had a list of all ten names to assist in the triggering of said release. Needless to say, they did not release anything. A childhood call to Australia, where Grandpa was having the motor prototyped, basically ended in a “we didn’t get it working” claim from an elderly Australian gentleman. But I have the letter from grandpa detailing the entire system that he dreamed up, and set in place, and warning of possible threat to him or to family members in order to kill the invention.

Episode 4 – “Finding Ronald,” will show the arduous, and somewhat dangerous process of trying to locate grandpa’s wreckage. I will attempt to interview MCSO to ascertain why grandpa’s letter was ignored during the original investigation, why they were hesitant in releasing his information to us (and still left some redacted). Finally, I will melt down spent brass shell casings, and make a poured brass plaque to memorialize Ronald’s life and final resting place. I will permanently affix the plaque to Grandpa’s car, which MCSO has deemed too difficult to remove from the site. It will be a permanent part of John Brown Canyon, at least until development creeps up there into the canyon, which will probably be long after I, too, am taking the “longest nap.”

“Stand by to stand by.” –Mad Squid


“Finding Ronald” Episode 1 Premieres on YouTube MARCH 16TH, 7PM MOUNTAIN!

You are hereby officially invited to join me for the GLOBAL PREMIERE of the FIRST OF FOUR EPISODES of my docuseries detailing the disappearance of my Grandpa Ron in 1987, as well as the discovery of his remains in 2013 in the bottom of a canyon in a secluded part of Western Colorado.

Episode 1 of 4 will premiere LIVE on YouTube March 16th, 2023 at 7pm Mountain!

This will be a LIVE EVENT, so as the writer/director/producer/editor of this project, I will be there with you in the chat, answering questions and responding to your reactions! Be there on the official YouTube Premiere page on March 16th, 2023 at 7PM Mountain (GMT-7) to engage with me during this unique event!

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Returning To A Project (Too) Long On Hiatus

If you’ve followed me from before the pandemic, you may already know that I have been working on a 100% solo and independent documentary film about the disappearance of my grandfather in 1987. His story is both enchanting and difficult to believe. It ends, however, in tragedy.

Here is the very first trailer that I mocked up to announce to my audience on an old Twitter account–long since deleted by that service at the height of Trump’s power–that I was beginning real work on the project, rather than just opining and pontificating about it.

This trailer is crude, and not very complete in the sense that you don’t actually come away from it with a sense of the story behind the film. That’s why I decided, shortly thereafter, to craft a better trailer for the potential film. At the time I was flying many drone missions, both for myself and for gig services like Drone Base and SOAR. As such, my confidence was growing and I was really getting a feel for the project. Not to mention that I was capturing some sweet footage!

But I have begun, and paused, and begun and paused this project so many times now that I lost nearly all of my inertia when the pandemic hit, and really believed that the project might be done forever. Until today. Today I had a reawakening.

#TheGreatUntold caught my attention. Check it out here:


“Stand by to stand by.” –Mad Squid

Steady As She Goes!

The last four years have been a whirlwind of epic proportions. It might be more accurate to call the whole thing a whirl-hurricane. (Feel free to use that term, just send me some bitcoin every time you do. 😉 I was sent home from my job–the first one earning above the poverty line since leaving the Navy in 2003 and coming home to Colorado–and ultimately fired, on Trump’s Inauguration Day in 2017.

This was by no means my first clue as to how terrible the Trump years were going to be. I do have a (pre-law) degree in Political Science, and my years serving as an intelligence analyst for the US Navy imparted me with a strong interest in geo-political matters. I had already been following Trump’s ascendency within the GOP with a sense of distraught fear. Being fired on the day that he seized power was merely the final nail in the coffin.

I don’t have to remind anyone of what has happened since then. The truths of the Trump failure(s) will scar this nation for years to come. With that said, the Trump era is coming to a close, and with it comes the death of this never-ending chaos. A Sailor knows that any port will do in a storm, but that peace won’t be upon thee until the storm has passed.

Today, the skies are clearing. I can see rays of sunlight bursting through from between the rapidly parting clouds above. An array of hope washes over my world like an expanding rainbow, come to cleanse me like the Democrats did to the GOP last week.

With the return of stability comes the return of past responsibilities. There are bills to pay, new projects to start, and old projects to complete. I had been working on a documentary about the disappearance of my grandfather, a WWII veteran, in the mid 1980s. My commercial drone pilot license (Part 107) has lapsed, and requires renewal.

There is much to do, and four fewer years to do it in now. But here we are. And onward we sail!

“Stand by to stand by!” –Mad Squid