More Death Threats From Republican Terrorists On TikTok!

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Another Christmas Gift (Coming to Amazon soon!)

I designed, cut, and pressed this Grand Mesa hoodie-shirt for my son on Christmas Eve. I like it so much that I am adapting it for t-shirts and will be selling them on Amazon, as well as here on the “Merch” tab, very soon!


#GrandMesa #DIY #Vinyl #Shirts I designed for my Son for Christmas. Available on #Amazon soon! (& on my website: MadSquid.Productions/merch/)

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This Year’s Christmas Build

I’ve been on a “butcher block” style trend lately, so of course I made and/or laser-etched #butcherblock cutting-boards for my mom!

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Grubhub is the MOST DISHONEST Company I Have Ever Worked For! Colorado Department Of Labor and Employment Is Finding Out.


@Grubhub is the most #dishonest company I’ve ever worked for! I had to report them to #Colorado Department of #Labor and #Employment AGAIN!

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Grubhub exploits drivers in a number of ways:

  1. Hiring at one rate, then switching to a lower rate. In my market, I was hired at $13/hr. After a few months, they dropped it to $10/hr with only days worth of notice, and applied the new rate to hours that I had already scheduled under the old rate.
  2. If your market is slow, they lose money by paying your hourly pay. So, they find reasons to take it away from you. For instance, if you “miss” an order, you lose your hourly pay for the entire day. Already worked 8 hours? They don’t care. You lose ALL of the hourly pay, keeping only tips and delivery pay. More often than not, this is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the hourly pay.
  3. They punish/reward drivers with their tier system, but they lack transparency with their decisions, to the point where drivers can AND ARE punished for technical errors in the app, to name but one example. This, in turn, drops their numbers and therefore their driver tiers, which in turn impacts which days they can schedule hours for. If you drop too low, there are no hourly blocks left to sign up for by the time block sign-up starts on Saturday. Their top tier can sign up beginning on Thursday. So not only do they steal your hourly pay when they want to, but they can and do make it difficult to even maintain hours. This often feels like it is applied selectively, and there is no effective means to raise questions.
  4. When you attempt to address the above issues, Driver Care flat out LIES to you, or MAKES THINGS UP to fit any narrative that allows them to claim that you failed to earn your hourly pay, even if it’s AFTER you’ve already worked for and earned it. They claim your app wasn’t connected, or updated, or that you didn’t have blocks scheduled that day (even if you did). They use similar lies in the scheduling tier system, claiming that drivers haven’t successfully completed a scheduled block in over 30 days, even when the app ITSELF says they worked one the day before!

Drivers, STEER CLEAR of this predatory company!

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, PLEASE do something about this! PROTECT Colorado workers. STOP being complacent! Grubhub should lose access to 1099 labor IN ALL FORMS, AT ALL TIMES, AND FOR ALL USES. They want people working for them, they can hire EMPLOYEES like a business with integrity does. Most companies see carrying a large employee count as a badge of honor. It’s a GOOD that they do for the world, because they can. But not Grubhub. Having more “employees” means LOSING MORE MONEY. So they just say, “Fuck the worker.”

Not in my state. Not in my country.


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Colorado GOP & Mesa County GOP Tighten Criminal Grip On Western Colorado

If half the country and the federal government are calling you “domestic terrorists” it’s probably because you are. Take it from me, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, and former member of Pearl Harbor ASF, a reserve police and counterterrorism/civil rioting rapid response force. Republicans have thrown off the freedoms of American Democracy in exchange for the yolk of a new King.

What they call “Socialism” is merely educated society making good on the SOCIAL CONTRACT. If you’ve never heard of it, you should do some reading. Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau–and others–dedicated their lives to the study of political theory. Each arrived at the Social Contract by different means, and with different intent. But they all got there, nonetheless.

Why? Because the Social Contract is nothing more than forcing government to care for the PEOPLE as much, or more than, the “KING.” To Hobbes, life was “nasty, brutish, and short.” People were generally self-absorbed, and therefore “bad” for and to each other. The social contract allowed an authority to be raised to counterbalance the worst aspects of Man’s nature, whilst also providing for them a leveling of the playing field, not so much with respect to each other, but to the overwhelmingly thuggish nature of the world around them.

Seriously, if you call this Socialism, you simply don’t understand cause and effect. You don’t understand where we’ve come from as a species, nor where we are going! The act of caring for the People IS NOT EVIL. Only one ‘person’ can believe that, and they are THE KING.

The modern Republican Party, at Federal, State, and Local levels, is faced with becoming irrelevant. They have watched the data as closely as anyone else, and they know that party identification has been waning for years. This is most likely why they have clung to “The Big Lie” so vehemently, because they are out of sync with the nation, and rather than reevaluate their positions, they resort to theft. Or, as one evil Republican once so eloquently put it, try to drown [Democracy] as an infant in a bathtub.

Vote Blue. Veterans stand against Republican TYRANNY!

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid