While I can and will gladly do anything and everything you see me doing here (or in any of my videos) for you as a service, please keep in mind that I focus primarily on media production. This means that if you hire me to make you a backyard blacksmith’s metal pouring, for instance, you can assume that I will be filming and publishing a video and/or other forms of media to document that process for my audience.

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Call my voicemail line and speak your mind! Whether you want to express your solidarity with me and/or a cause I’m fighting for, or you want to chew me out for being such a liberal “snowflake,” I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

*Not intended as a death threat. Also, I cannot promise good or bad exposure, only exposure. The response by the public to what you decide to leave in my voicemail, should I choose to publish it, is entirely up to them! Leaving a message is granting express permission for Mad Squid Productions™ to use your voicemail recording in any way that we see fit. By proceeding, you understand that YOU WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED IN ANY WAY for the use of said recording(s).

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