Typical vinyl bumper stickers, approximately 3″ x 9″.  Red, white, and blue palette.

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During the pandemic I used part of a small SBA loan to print orders of several hundred bumper stickers of my own original design. After working for nearly a year to jump through all of Amazon Sellers’ hoops, I was finally an authorized brand with an actual Amazon storefront… Or so I thought. It didn’t take long before Amazon began rejecting my products one by one for violating some hidden rule about not selling political products.

The problem with this is that with one simple search you can find hundreds of products from several dozen brands that are all pro-Trump and pro-GOP. My products were clearly being rejected because I wasn’t a Republican. I am a decorated veteran, though, and I found this highly offensive. So I pulled all of my products and ended my relationship with Amazon. After all, they were charging me $40/mo for the ‘privilege’ of having all of my products rejected.

Then things got REALLY crazy! Amazon began sending my products back ONE BY ONE, forcing me to pay shipping on each products, rather than on batches.

But it got EVEN WORSE! The products were nearly all SEVERELY DAMAGED and could no longer be sold at full value.

Now that I have my own online store, I’d like to stick it to them (and recoup some of my losses) by selling these “Amazon-damaged” bumper stickers in value-priced grab bags.

Original prices was roughly $7 per sticker, eventually bumped up to $11. I’m selling them to you now in 5-pack grab bag bundles for $5.

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Weight .23 kg
Dimensions 16 × 23 × 8 cm

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