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After making three NFT that were kind of all over the place–and which mostly used old models rendered at new resolutions, if I am being honest–I have decided to launch my very first, all original, NFT Collection on!

While surfing another popular NFT site, I was very impressed by a collection of “toys” created by an artist named Trym Ruud. The Collection is called “RUDE BOY’S.” These collectible digital toys come in the packaging, as it were.

This made me think of all the fun and innovative forms of packaging that I have seen over the years. You know, the kind that makes a product stand out against all of the others on the same shelf. RUDE BOY’S was that way for me, only with NFTs.

Not wanting to mimic Trym Ruud so precisely that it might be considered intellectual theft, I set out to find a form of packaging that was both easy enough for me to model and was invoking of a sense of childhood nostalgia.

I quickly settled on the acorn capsule toy machines that I used to see at every grocery store and gas station in my youth. You still see them here and there, but not like back then. The toys you would get inside, which were usually cheap and simple, would generally cost either 25¢, 50¢, or 75¢. Sometimes they would be $1.00, but I couldn’t afford such high stakes in my youth.

I decided to make five colors, plus a silver and a gold for rare and ultra rare toys. The colors are Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amber, and Amethyst. I haven’t decided if I will depict rarity with groupings of the primary colors and secondary colors, or by the rarity of the gemstone names I have given them. Leave a comment if you want to weigh in!

Here are the seven I have so far:

If you would like to watch the modeling process in time lapse (sped up to ~2750% of the original speed), as well as a preview of the very first toy, and thus NFT, that I will be releasing, you’re in luck:

Sculpting the acorn capsules and a quick preview of FlameBoy!

Stand by to stand by. –Mad Squid

So long as the American “gun lobby” has control over our politicians to the point that they will happily lie on national television to protect PROFITS over peoples’ lives, there will never be any place for the GOP in this country.

Stand by to stand by. –Mad Squid

Yesterday I created a duet video for TikTok. In my half I just put up a nice picture that I took through a Jihui ball lens near Aspen, Colorado. The other half, the half that I was “featuring,” was this video:

I also created a sticker for the duet, as I am trying to contribute to trending movements by providing quality stickers for major hashtags. But when my duet video was ready to post, I got cold feet. I was worried that having my sticker attached would make the duet seem disingenuous. So I saved it to drafts.

But I left the sticker online at GIPHY. As you can see, it has done very well there. So well, in fact, that I changed my mind about keeping my duet video in the drafts folder.

So, without further adieu, here it is… My #StopAsianHate duet video:

If you like the JIHUI ball, you can get one of your own for pretty cheap on Amazon:

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid