MUSKolini Strikes Again!

We already know that Elon Musk was lying when he announced a “general amnesty” on Twitter. Liberal veterans like myself have still not been restored. All 4 of my veteran owned business accounts are still suspended, in spite of the so called “amnesty:”

The amnesty was a lie. Musk continues to silence veterans like me. And now he has silenced journalists for no reason. Elon shall forever be known as MUSKolini!

Stand by to stand by. –Mad Squid

Amazon Fulfillment Damaged My Products, Cost My Colorado Small Business over $1,000!


@amazon not only discriminated against this #veteran owned business, but damaged its products and cost Mad Squid Productions over $1,000! #JeffBezos #usnavy #Amazon #SellOnAmazon #fraud #crime #mesacounty #colorado

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Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid

Twitter Refuses Veteran Amnesty, Dishonestly Suspends 5th Account for Referring to Democratic Process

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk was not just lying about amnesty for the accounts of veterans like me who vote Democrat. He is still allowing his staff to discriminate against me by LYING about my tweets… AGAIN!

How is this abusive?

“Stand by to stand by!” —Mad Squid

Join Me In De-NAZI-fying Twitter!

Elon Musk has been a disaster for Twitter, and that’s probably exactly what he and Trump wanted. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it become a revenue stream for the 5th Reich, a.k.a. the modern Republican Party. Join me in BLOCKING ALL TWITTER ADVERTISERS. Even those from brands that you like and use. Leave them a comment and let them know why, if you must. But do NOT be a part of their advertising income!

I’ve made this digital sticker and uploaded it to GIPHY. This means it’s automatically available for use in apps like TikTok and Instagram. Just search for @madsquidproductions when you go to choose a sticker. I know, it’s a long string, and my stickers only come up if you put in the full thing. It sucks, but it’s just more of the bias I am constantly running into. I have hundreds of millions of views MORE than some of their featured artists, and they REFUSE to give me the bump. I guess they don’t like veterans?

Social Media Sticker Sticker for iOS & Android | GIPHY

Stand by to stand by.” –Mad Squid

Twitter Hates Veterans, Loves NAZIs

Twitter Tolerates Racism, Silences Veterans (AGAIN), in 24-hour Period After Musk Takeover

It’s not news that Elon Musk took ownership of Twitter yesterday. But the impacts of what that means are likely not visible to all Americans. And that’s exactly how Twitter has always wanted it. Anyone who expected this to improve under Musk’s ‘guidance’ was fooling themselves. Elon made it PAINFULLY obvious that he and Twitter are willing to allow racists and NAZIs to flood the platform with the N***** word and pro Hitler memes and tweets, but NOT willing to allow a DECORATED VETERAN WHO, AS A CONSTITUENT, IS UNHAPPY WITH THE SHITTY, SHITTY, SHITTY JOB THAT LAUREN BOEBERT IS DOING in her district, to say so.

You don’t have to look for long to see what I mean. Reports of racist and pro-NAZI tweets flooded the internet last night. Here are just a few:

Elon Musk and Twitter allowed the racism and the NAZIsm to permeate and remain on the platform for hours. Some reports suggest that a few of those tweets ARE STILL UP AND LIVE on Musk’s new Fascist toy at this time! Meanwhile, DECORATED VETERANS with legitimate concerns about how THEIR CONGRESSWOMAN IN COLORADO’S THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT is harming veterans and INTENTIONALLY FAILING to represent Democrats in her district, were IMMEDIATELY FLAGGED as violating the “hatred” policy.

Here is my tweet, which earned me a 12-hour ban. Even though I’m a constituent. Even though I’m a veteran. Twitter, and Elon Musk, felt that it was more important to allow RACISTS and NAZIs to have free speech, but SILENCED veterans like me who dared to speak up. This was my response to Boebert’s idiotic whining rant about the diesel fuel supply:

Telling Lauren Boebert to go “SIT ON A CACTUS,” an OBVIOUS bit of sarcasm, was somehow MORE HATEFUL than all of the ‘Heil Bitchler’ and N-word hate, vitriol, and VIOLENCE that spilled forth from right wing accounts. The mere fact that I’m NOT a Republican makes me a threat to them. Never mind their ACTUAL VIOLENCE.

Please, share this post. Put this on BLAST! Elon Musk MUST NOT GET AWAY WITH THE NAZIFICATION OF TWITTER!!!!!! Or America, for that matter. Help me fight back!!!

Stand by to stand by. –MadSquid

Time Lapse of Mushroom Grow Kit from “Back To The Roots” by Mad Squid Productions®


I grew these #organic #OysterMushrooms from a #growkit by #BackToTheRoots and filmed the #timelapse you see here over about six days. Filmed in 3, 5-hour sessions each day. #mushrooms #fungus #naturelover #science #mycology

♬ Zany Mushroom – DJ BAI

“Stand by to stand by.” –Mad Squid

“The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” Is A Wild Ride Through The Molten Core Of Nicolas Cage’s Ego, AND I LOVED IT!

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Carolyn and I rented another film last night. That’s two in a row, and I have to say that it’s been a welcome change from the nightly binge sessions which have caused us to rapidly deplete our entertainment regimen. It’s been a long time since film has called to me as it did in high school when I wrote my first DS9 spec scripts for Lolita Fatjo at Paramount Pictures. But the feeling is new again, so who knows where this might lead?

First, I will start by conceding that if you don’t like Nicolas Cage, or if you are on the fence about him, you may not like this film. Cage plays himself, but with a fictitious family, and an “every man’s dream” CIA recruitment debacle that nearly derails his career. (Not really. Suspension of disbelief is also important with this film!)

Carolyn was quick to point out the irony in a movie that centers around what is essentially a megalomaniac who shares the screen with other actors who are nearly all, at present, more famous than he is. Arguably. I love Nicolas, so clearly I disagree with that statement. But my wife does have a good point. His ultimate fan boy in the movie is played by Pedro Pascal, also known as The Mandalorian. His agent is played by Neil Patrick Harris. His CIA handler? Tiffany Haddish.

I’m not suggesting that if you compared any of these stars’ IMDB pages to Nick’s that they would have anywhere near the depth or breadth. Carolyn also pointed out, as I was searching for the inspiration for his bad boy alter ego in Unbearable Weight on his filmography, that I was “[…] going to be doing some Sam Jax scrolling” to find what I was looking for. And she was not wrong. The fact that it wound up being from a single appearance on an obscure talk show in 1990 called “Wogan” made my search a complete waste of time, in the end. But that is neither here nor there.

The movie gives a Nicolas Cage fan like myself exactly what we want. Nick’s ego, and constant self-verification as the world’s most important cultural savant ever (read with an appropriate level of sarcasm and/or facetiousness), along with action, well timed but not overdone comedic relief, and the most memorable lines ever uttered from the depths of a drug fueled, waking lucid dream. (I have no proof of this. I am assuming.) Yet somehow, Cage makes me believe that the older, “now” version of himself has in fact grown and matured. Even Hunter S. Thompson could never convince me of THAT!

As a founding investor at Legion M Entertainment, I have a vested interest in the film “Mandy.” I loved that film, and instantly recognized it as a cult classic. My wife did not like it so much. With that said, I was grinning ear to ear when the chrome axe that Cage forges in Mandy makes a cameo appearance at the height of tension between Cage and Pascal, the super fan concedes and opens a locked door that the CIA has ordered Nick to gain access to. The hidden vault is filled with Nicolas Cage movie memorabilia, and the two haggling over a statue of the actor was a particular high point in the movie for me.

I won’t say any more about the plot, because I don’t want to spoil any surprises. I will just say this: Nicolas Cage entertained the shit out of me last night, and kept me in a good mood until I went to bed. That’s a huge “W” in my book!

Stand by to stand by! –Mad Squid