I’m just entering the NFT Art world this year, 2021. There is a fairly steep learning curve, but so far I feel comfortable in this space. *fingers crossed*

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  1. TikTok #NFT #Giveaway entries, leave your TikTok username AND your wallet address HERE (comment below). The first ten are GUARANTEED an NFT from the 1st cohort of my “Acorn Capsule NFT” collection, up to and including the Sapphire rarity. At least one of each rarity in that group will be awarded!

    If all goes well, I will give out more than 10. I have hundreds. A good turnout will put me in a good mood, and probably cause me to give away more of my original NFTs! My goal is to generate interest so that people might want to collect the 2nd cohort, etcetera. So, again, drop BOTH your TT name AND your wallet, and keep an eye out for that free NFT!

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