Never Again

“Never Again” was my first band, though our first name was “Spent Beyond Means.” We formed during the post 9/11 period while we were all stationed with ASF Pearl Harbor and working guard duty for the Hickam/Pearl Harbor Area. We recorded and released only one album. You will see other bands on Spotify who have managed to come in and publish in our band’s name after the fact, which swept up many, many of our views and streams into their basket, a problem which persists to this day.

Our one album has two covers, both of which I personally designed. The original was a direct reference to the name of the album. The re-design was intended to increase sales. You will find both instances online. The tracks are identical, however.

Faded Anchors

Faded Anchors is the name of my experimental, solo project. I am not stuck in any particular genre. It’s literally just a name that I use to publish things when I have a creative spurt. Some of it’s good. Some, not so much. 😉