TikTok (NEW!)

I am currently trying (again) to get GIPHY to list me as a brand. They turned me down for “Artist” status in 2017 (offensively telling me that it was only for ‘original artists,’ as if I’m somehow not?). I have a new application pending for “Brand” status at this time. This will give me entrée to TikTok, where my content is already starting to blow up WAY faster than it ever did on Twitter. I want to keep that momentum going by getting MY GIFs (yes, my ORIGINAL GIFs, Giphy!) onto TikTok for everyone to use (and make viral)! Here are the GIFs I’ve created with the app, specifically an average mobile screen resolution of 750 x XXX, in mind:


I have published GIFs of both political and non-political nature on several of the most popular GIF sites. Check out some of my most popular GIFs, hosted by Giphy: