Two years ago I dove headlong into learning 3D modeling in #Blender3D (get your copy here). Though I have previously tinkered with the software in a few early, misguided attempts at creating content for #Secondlife, I never fully immersed myself in learning the interface–or modeling in 3D, for that matter.

One of my very first models. Circa 2009. Created using a tutorial. I was clueless!

That all changed when I ran into a video tutorial in 2017 by YanSculpts. Somehow, watching that tutorial made me feel confident that I could do what he was doing. Right or wrong, my interest was piqued. Then Yan dropped a bombshell on me when he mentioned #SculptJanuary.

In 2018, I sucked up my pride and entered Sculpt January 2018. I consider the models I created during that challenge to be my “first” models because they were the first time that I attempted to create something from scratch, using only my vision and Blender (and yes, tutorials to learn the tools). They were truly my creations. Here they are:

Following Sculpt January 2018, I basically stopped modeling altogether. I suppose I felt overwhelmed. Without the daily prompts, I felt unable to pick a path forward. So, when Sculpt January 2019 rolled around, I was almost a new user again when it came to my skill level. Still, I persevered and found that much of it was like riding a bike. Here are my sculptures from 2019:

Sculpt January 2020: I did not end up participating in Sculpt January 2020. My laptop was beginning to fail, things got busy, and to be honest, I felt overwhelmed. Maybe next year all of these things will be resolved. We shall see.