2 thoughts on “A New Round Of Mad Squid MEMEs For The Sociopathic Republican Party.

  1. Dear Justin,

    I have visited all of your blog pages and many of your latest posts, and can see that you have been an ardent critic of the GOP, bigots and miscreants. Here I am to communicate with you as follows.

    I would like to commend you very highly for your efforts in highlighting the various outstanding matters and ramifications surrounding America and policies, plus the vexed topics of vaccination and conspiracy theories, not to mention systemic racism, or rather, systemic inequality, systemic discrimination and systemic corruption, as well as the ongoing American expansionism, exceptionalism and jingoism.

    Religious orthodoxies and conservatism have had numerous problems and outstanding issues. In recent years, many of them have even aligned themselves with misinformation, disinformation, post-truth politics, demagoguery, plutocracy, oligarchy, ochlocracy, kleptocracy, kakistocracy, narcissistic leadership, neoliberalism, globalization, clerical fascism and Trumpism. We can also agree that the ongoing chaos inflicted by the Trump presidency finally culminated in the infamous riot at the Capitol. You and I can be justified for being cynical, snide, snarky and facetious in characterizing Trump as the symbolic messiah who is going to lead his misguided supporters, sycophants and funders to glory on Earth and the promised land! It is often futile to reason with such misguided folks. Perhaps only when the country truly becomes autocratic or fascist, or when it plunges into a civil war, will such folks wake up, but then it will be too late. Consequently, any reasonable person can conclude that the USA has been plagued by ignorance, dogma, falsity, blind faith, spiritual stagnation and epistemological impasse . . . . .

    Needless to say, due to misinformation and disinformation, 2020 and 2021 as well as the past few years had been very difficult and trying, not to mention having to deal with the pandemic. It was all quite surreal, perhaps in some ways more bizarre than ghosts and the paranormal (not that I believe in such things). One could indeed say that we live in interesting times, but often for the wrong reasons. It is all quite a big mess in danger of getting bigger still. Even a global pandemic still cannot unite folks in the USA and wake them up. Perhaps it will take an even bigger crisis to do so, such as a series of climate change disasters.

    The best and most dedicated amongst the likes of us are also inveterate teachers of everlasting, transcendental wisdom to save humans from themselves, their self-interests and their destructive ways. I often even have to coin new words to do so. The latest examples are my three neologisms “Misquotation Pandemic“, “Disinformation Polemic” and “Viral Falsity“, as discussed in my extensive and analytical post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠“, which you can easily locate from the Home page of my blog.

    Furthermore, since my intricate blog contains advanced styling and multimedia components plus animations, it is advisable to avoid viewing the contents of my blog using the WordPress Reader, which cannot show many of the advanced features and animations in my posts and pages. It is best to read the posts and pages directly in my blog so that you will be able to savour and relish all of the refined and glorious details plus animations. My blog contains not just text and images but also bespoke stylings and dynamic animations — images and stories that are animated on their own. These are not videos but actual animations. You will realize very soon that my blog is unlike any other that you have ever visited.

    I look forward to your visiting the post and reading your thoughts and feedback on the various issues broached there. By the way, whenever you visit my blog, I would like to recommend using a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my blog, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.

    The age of Anthropocene could indeed be a very short one, as humanity seems to be plunging headlong into creating and facing a ghastly future, as explicated in my said post.

    Wishing all of you a productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most, whether physically, intellectually or spiritually!

    May you find 2022 very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, reading, thinking and blogging whatever topics that accommodate your intellectual exploration and creative reverie!

    Yours sincerely,

    1. SoundEagle, every facet of your communications, both here and on your blog, presents with such intricacy that I find myself slowing down to avoid missing anything. I’ve had to look three of your words up, an activity that I truly miss. Thank you! And you’ve even rewarded me with a few words that I looked up ‘just in case’ and found–to my surprise–that I had indeed remembered them correctly. Thank you for that!

      The first time I visited your site, I was immediately overwhelmed. The colors and movement alone were both aesthetically pleasing and somewhat overpowering, both for me and for my machine. I am red/green colorblind, so I probably do not see it precisely as it was intended to be seen, but it is a beautiful blog regardless!

      I will go and read the post that you mentioned above in the very near future, and will gladly comment on it once I have done so. I expect that it should be an excellent read!

      My natural inclination is to meet your wishes for 2022 with further cynicism, but I have to admit that there is something which emanates from your words, something that strikes me as rooted in the wisdom of acquired knowledge and the continuity of an enduring culture. You speak with authority, and I find this to be welcoming.

      Thank you for taking time out of your day (or night) to grace my little corner of the blogosphere with your attention and with the response that it has generated! I look forward to continuing our conversation.


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