Weekly CG Challenge #120

“Lost In Space” #WIP #weeklyCGC

It’s official, I’ve been bitten by the bug. I took two weeks off after completing #SculptJanuary2018. Two weeks of pure, self-driven, unrelenting guilt. I felt as though I should be sculpting the entire time. Thing is, the previous topic for #WeeklyCGC was “Wizard/Witch,” and I felt that doing it right was beyond my ability.

This week’s challenge, on the other hand, seemed like the perfect invitation to get back to sculpting. #LostInSpace is exactly right for me right now. I’ve been obsessed for years with a NASA image of the Pillars of Creation:

Just as I did with the faux marble liner in the shower of my parents’ house when I was growing up, I see faces and creatures all throughout this image. The idea that these “images” might be ‘holographic echoes’ of a creature that really exists somewhere in this Universe, or in a parallel Multiverse, gives me a sense of ‘souls’—essences—that are truly “Lost in Space.” Or maybe they’re just stored there, like data. Who really knows? Maybe I’m just a lunatic that sees faces in shit. ;-)

I’ve attempted in the past to depict some of the images that I see in the PoC, but I never quite had the right medium and always wound up abandoning the effort. This time, however, I think I’m making real progress. This is still a work in progress #WIP, but I’m extremely pleased with the overall result thus far.

More on the specific faces and creatures that I see in this NASA photograph later in the week. Stay tuned!

Aloha, and mahalo!

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