Videos from MSP™

At the moment I run three separate, but related and often intertwined YouTube channels. My personal Vlog, which was my original channel, bounces around quite a bit. When I find new hobbies (like backyard blacksmithing), I share them there. I opine from time to time. It began as a channel to publish my gaming videos on, and I grew a decent following doing that. You can still see some of those gaming videos on this channel:

But I’ve since branched out and have created a separate channel just for Mad Squid Productions™. Sometimes the vlog gets too personal to be a good fit for a channel that I send potential clients to, and thus was born my 2nd channel:

And finally–because I am a Political Science graduate (AMU, with honors)–I needed a place to vent my increasingly frustrated political rants and normative theories. So, my 3rd channel was born:

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