Sculpt January 2018 Day 7

Challenge: Adventure

I just about deleted Blender on this one. Or pulled all of my hair out. I picked the space suit because I knew it had less detail than a human face and body. But I got so lost in trying to get the lighting right that I never even finished sculpting the suit, which is why it is so spartan on detail, and remains quite cubic looking as a result of my Sculptor’s Neglect.

The thing is, there’s a massive alien ship in the reflection of the astronaut’s helmet. But the lighting just would not reveal that, no matter what I did. Huge spotlights. A second sun. Area lamps. Nothing worked. In the end I had to surrender, because I had spent so much time on it already. I suspect I underestimated the falloff of light at that scale, or failed to properly set my material nodes to reflect the light in the way I had imagined.

People still seem to like this one, but I think that’s mostly due to the scale and import given to the composite image by the background photo (imported to a huge plane), courtesy of NASA.

Stay tuned for week two!

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