Sculpt January 2018 Day 8

Challenge: Eyes

Because I was drawn into sculpting in Blender by the operator of the YanSculpts channel on YouTube, I decided to take his advice in a tutorial about modeling eyes. His video was very specific to a character that he was working, but he had a very good point. Knowing the anatomy of the eye before attempting to sculpt an approximation of it, can be very helpful!

There is no way to sculpt an actual eye. The number of tiny, interconnected parts would take even a skilled sculptor years to complete. And most of that detail would never be seen. And there again is another major difference between anatomy and art: the eye has a function, and must work correctly to accomplish that. Art, however, only needs to have the appearance of correctness.

I quickly discovered that there are essentially three visible parts to the eye, along with a cavity or dark spot for the pupil. When given the right materials and lighting, these three parts combine to form a convincing, eye like effect. I should note that I am not claiming to have gotten the lighting right. I came close.

After my lighting woes with the day seven Adventure challenge, which I admit that I chose to scale up to a ridiculous size, and which therefore nearly drove me crazy when it came to lighting (noise, anyone?), and this day 8 Eyes challenge, I have at least identified an area that I need more knowledge and experience in when it comes to Blender: lighting.

Anyway, that’s all for day eight. Stay tuned for day nine! As always, thanks for stopping by!

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