Political Squid™

Be warned, it gets VERY POLITICAL past this point!


Squid’s Political Projects


A collection of short, one-point political videos wherein a single point is reiterated in groups of 3.


During and after the 2016 presidential election, I created and disseminated via Twitter a series of MEMEs related to the dangers of electing Donald Trump. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Trump Hashtags

In the same vein as the above MEMEs, these hashtags were created to give the #resistance a classy, good looking set of graphics to lob around on Twitter. Please feel free to use them.

Kainós Demokratia

If you have access to iBooks, you can have a look at a title I published a few years back which I meant to be the world’s first open-source constitution. However, lack of any interest whatsoever made the open-source status of it irrelevant. It launched with a Facebook group and a twitter account, and so on. But now those are all gone and the eBook just lives in iBooks like a political ghost! lol I give you “Kainós Demokratia”:


Squid’s Political Bio:

My Origins

Look, I grew up in a small town in Western Colorado. We hunted, fished, hiked, and camped like anybody else. My stepfather was an Eagle Scout, for God’s sake. I made it all the way through Webelos with the Cub Scouts, and to Tenderfoot as a Boy Scout before the pressures of my personal life made me apathetic toward scouting. My grandfather vanished without a trace in 1987, my parents were divorced, and in spite of testing in the 98th percentile on the ITBS tests given by MCVSD51, I was not doing well in school. Ultimately I would graduate through correspondence and join the Navy immediately after as an Undesignated Deck Seaman.

So I was patriotic as a child, but I absolutely was not political in any sense of the world. I knew my Stepfather voted for Bush Sr., and that he told Bill Clinton jokes all the time. Occasionally I would catch Dana Carvey doing Bush on SNL, but outside of that, I hadn’t the first inkling of a political leaning when I entered the Navy in 1998.

After boot camp, and with two deployments under my belt, I can recall sitting in the Sub Base galley in Pearl Harbor on the night of the election in 2000. I vividly remember looking up from my macaroni salad (drenched in A1, as always) at a red and blue map and thinking, “Who really cares?" My job is the same either way.”

But that was the beginning of the end of my political naivety. Soon my job would have me front and center with an eye on the global geo-political situation from one of the best-informed compartments in all of the world: the Joint Intelligence Center Pacific’s 24-hour tactical Watch Floor.

It was a combination of seeing my hard work with respect to North Korea going to waste in the Merchant Vessel So San debacle, and being constantly inundated by order of the commanding officer by mandatory Fox News propaganda in all public spaces of that command that slowly eroded away my neutrality. Once I left JICPAC, I was a devout Democrat dead-set on never assisting the anti-people, pro-business agenda of the GOP again!

2012 Election Day

In 2012 I volunteered to hold a “Veterans for Obama” sign on the Colorado Mesa University campus. It was a wonderful day and I got to take photos of and with many special people. But I also had to deal with a bad cop from GJPD attempting to silence my Democratic voice. Never mind the fact that CMU blatantly violated anti-electioneering laws by placing “Romney” signs in every planter surrounding the entire on-campus polling station.

In 2013 I graduated with honors (3.98 GPA) from American Military University with a B.A. in Political Science. Unable to find work in the field, however, I have been bouncing around from shitty job to shitty job (thanks to the GOP who has business owners in my area convinced that paying a livable wage is somehow a sin).

In order to express my political views, my reactions to such views of others, and to air out my own normative political theories, I have created Political Squid™. PS exists as a YouTube Channel and here on MadSquid.Productions in text form so that I may keep my VLOG and the official MSP social channels separate from my politics (where possible).