Music from Mad Squid Productions™

Faded Anchors

(My solo project. Just for fun, really.)

“Trump Is Not a Violent Man. Right?”

“Full Scale Trump-ocalypse”

This is what it sounds like. A political commentary on the rise of Trump through the support of a mindless minority. Great fun!

“Just Beat Cause”

One of the better FA installments, this is a collection of loops that I mixed for various games I was trying to develop in Unity 3d. Turns out there is a lot to do to launch a game, and you really need more than one person to do it. Those plans are on hold for now, but the music was good enough (IMO) to release independently. My personal favorite from this album is Culture King.

“Please Ignore This Album”

Faded Anchors is really just me in my home studio, messing around. Sometimes I mix loops, sometimes I record new original tracks, and sometimes I do both. Sometimes political and sometimes funny, this music is more of an experiment than anything. Please do purchase and listen, but set the expectation bar low right now. ;-)

Harold F. Easton

My stepfather, a retired elementary school Principal and long time road warrior, used to ride his Honda Goldwing Aspencade motorcycle across the country every other Summer. He rode alone, but every other year he would come back with stories of new friends made and new gems discovered. This is a song that he wrote and recorded in his home studio in Grand Junction, CO. Harry is rapidly progressing through FTD, which has been very hard to watch. I LOVE this song and so putting it on iTunes was a no-brainer for me. I had hoped that it would raise enough of a stink to help fund his care, but it looks like there won't be time for that at this point. =-(

Never Again

(Sailor Punk band from Pearl Harbor, circa 2002)