Books from Mad Squid Productions™

I have published books under a couple of pen names, as well as under my own name. You can find Mad Squid Productions books under the following names:

  • Chairman Kingmaker
    • Do Not Resurrect
      • “Severino was an ordinary guy with extraordinary drive. From birth his fate, unbeknownst to him, has forever been tied to that of the great historian Arthur Toynbee, and to a plot to stop the rise of corporations capable of resurrecting people for the most nefarious of purposes. But when Sevi figures this out, he hatches a plan to escape those ties.”
      • Inspired by the documentary Resurrect Dead:
    • Kainós Demokratia
      • This iBooks exclusive was meant to be the world’s first open-source Constitution. It hasn’t exactly taken off or garnered much attention, though. So it sits on iBooks gathering loose electrons and/or decaying from a collection of ones and zeroes into mostly just zeroes. Whichever comes first.
  • J Michael K
    • My Name is Michael
      • “Some men lead ordinary lives. Other are not so lucky. Meet J Michael K. When his first foray into the world of writing flops and leaves him penniless, he is ready to give up on life. But an unexpected encounter with destiny will change his mind forever.”
  • Justin M. Kolenc
    • Five Years in Hawaii: A True Saga of International Adventure and the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community
    • Boot Camp: A Frank Look at the U.S. Navy’s Recruit Training Center in Great Lakes, IL

Titles available on iBooks and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many others. See below for a few select links.

Please keep in mind that all MSP titles are self-published either through Lulu, Create Space or BookBaby. I have never been a wealthy man, and editing services are not at all affordable. As such, I’ve done my best to self-edit, but readers should be warned that there probably will be (almost certainly there are) typos and improper grammar. Please accept my apology in advance, and if you feel so inclined I wouldn’t mind constructive criticism and/or edit suggestions.

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