Bitcoin Faucets & Resources

Bitcoin Value Is Off The Charts!

In recent weeks the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has soared to nearly $20,000 per coin!

Mining it outright is not very profitable given the cost of electricity and hardware. Some of the Alt Coins are said to still be profitable to mine. With that said, the recent spike in BTC price transforms an activity that once was not really worth the time and effort (or so it seemed) into something that begins to look promising: Faucets & Offers.


Faucets are websites that dole out a small amount of BTC every 5-60 minutes. Most run from 5-15 minutes, but there are a few, like, that rotate on the hour. The upside to that site, is that they also offer a nice 4.08% APR on any balances over 30k satoshi, or 0.0003 BTC, which is a pretty sweet deal. Check them out at the link above, or using the following banner:

My favorite faucets are grouped around online wallets. This way, you can have the proceeds from each faucet “automagically” transferred into the wallet, thus aggregating the sums earned from several faucets into a single location. This helps later on because there is often a minimum satoshi balance for withdrawals.

The two wallets, and associated faucets that I use the most are:


The coolest thing about CoinPot, in my opinion, is that the faucets associated with it automatically dump your earnings into the central wallet, so you save a little time on that end. The faucets for this wallet are:


FaucetHub has a much larger selection of faucets to earn from, but each one requires a login and you must manually tell them to withdraw to your central wallet. There seems to be no minimum withdrawal though, so that’s always good. Some of my favorite faucets that withdraw directly to FaucetHub are:

Other Alternatives

If faucets aren't your thing, even in spite of the recent price spike, then you're not out of options yet! There are still options for the gamers, alt coin enthusiasts, and even for the cloud miner!


If you prefer total gamification for your bits earning pleasures, then here are a couple of my favorite options:

Crypto Racers: This site mixes a faucet (day jobs) with the look and feel of an old school web based game. Cars are upgradable, and can be raced for BTC jackpots.

Kingdoms & Empires: This one requires more of an investment, both in terms of time and bits. However, if you can figure out how to gauge the markets and manufacture the right items at the right time, you can make many, many bits. BTC bits can be exchanged in game for Kingdom Coins, and vice versa.

Cloud Mining

Alt Coins

ION & Crypto Gravity: ION is an alt coin that had a shaky start but which has had a surprising solid mid-life. I've hit ROI and then profited many times over. Mind you, I got in at $0.14 per ION, and they're trading at nearly $3.30 now. Gravity is an iOS and Android game that lets you compete in weekly tournaments for ION. The cool thing is that the payouts are far from meager. Top dog each week pulls in a cool 500 ION, and at current prices that over $1,000! Payouts are temporarily suspended while V2 comes online. Stay tuned for more! (More games are planned from ION, as well.)