2017 in Review


Late in 2016, I was suspended from my job as a computer repairman for the local school district (MCVSD51) for swearing at bad driver. Early in 2017, I was fired for that, and later that season, during a telephone Unemployment Insurance hearing, they lied under oath to make me look and sound dangerous, while covering evidence to the contrary. This made finding work difficult, so I set about increasing the volume of my creative output in the hopes that I might find a revenue stream somewhere in all of the crap floating around in my head.

I made videos, MEMEs, GIFs, and returned to the social media world. Because my site’s main page is growing far to long, requiring far too many scrolls and loads, I’ve decided to condense each year of my past content into three posts, by year: Legacy, 2016, and 2017. This will leave the door wide open for new and interesting content in 2018, and declutter my site overall.

2017 is separated by category below. Enjoy!


I actually split my YouTube channel into three channels in 2017. I kept my main channel as a personal vlog, where I ranted and raved about whatever was on my mind, often while on a long trek through Colorado hiking country. To this I added a channel specifically for Mad Squid Productions™ so that I could keep my angry rants (and politics) out of my “professional” portfolio. On that channel I publish videos ranging from music videos to titles to special effects. Finally, I created Political Squid, to host what I intend to become a very serious repository for my political theories and ideas.

Mad Squid Productions™

Music Videos

FX Reel

Titles & Intros

Political Squid



Political Rants

Original Political Content. This content was hosted on my personal account, and was the reason behind my decision to separate into three channels.

Mini Documentaries

Personal Vlog

Sea Stories


Short Rants & Highlights

Bad Colorado Cops


2017 was the year of the MEME for Mad Squid Productions™. Inspired by the horrific outcome of the 2016 election, I let loose on Donald Trump and anyone on the right who I saw as a hypocrite, a liar, a cheat, or a thief. Here is a collection of the year’s MEMEs. Enjoy!


I have collections of GIFs on both Tenor GIF Keyboard and on Giphy. If you have a minute please click on each and check them out. I’ll share here a selection of my favorites.

Social Media

In 2017 I returned to Twitter, started an Instagram, and founded a couple of SubReddits. Check them all out below.


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