2016 in Review

2016 began as a pretty good year for me, but by year’s end my world had been turned upside down. This was for multiple reasons, not any one in particular (*ahem* Trump). Because I had a full time job for most of that year, I did not release a whole lot of content under the moniker of Mad Squid Productions™. That would change in 2017, but for now I have collected my creations from 2016 and assembled them here for the historical record.


And that’s really about it. I didn’t publish any written work in 2016. I didn’t publish any music, either. I released a short, cheap album for game developers in 2015 under my project name Faded Anchors, but there was nothing after that for 2016. As for social media, I deleted my old Twitter account @InkofSquid, and unfriended all of my Facebook friends (and family too), so 2016 really turned out to be a wash.

Stay tuned for 2017 in Review!

Mad Squid Productions™